PPS schools* with frequent pest control service calls in 1999-2001
School  Frequent Pest(s)
Abernethy  ants, rodents
Alameda   ants, rodents
Arleta   ants, carpenter ants, pigeons
Ball   cockroaches, ants, rodents
Beach   mice
Binsmead MS   mice, ants
Boise-Eliot   pigeons, ants, rodents, cockroaches
Capitol Hill   ants, carpenter ants, rodents
Clarendon   cockroaches
Clark   ants, mice
Cleveland HS  rodents, cockroaches, ants, carpenter ants, unidentified misc.
Edwards   ants
Faubion   ants
Hayhurst   ants, roaches, rodents
Humboldt   ants, rodents, cockroaches
Irvington   cockroaches
James John   rodents, ants
King Elem Facility   ants, rodents
Lane MS   pigeons, ants
MLC   ants, rodents
Mt. Tabor   ants, rodents
Ockley Green   pigeons
Peninsula   ants, cockroaches
Roosevelt HS   ants, rodents
Scott   ants, rodents
Stephenson   ants
Tubman   mice, rats, cockroaches
West Sylvan MS   carpenter ants, ants, mice
Whitaker MS   pigeons, rodents
Woodlawn   ants
 * As determined by PPAP analysis of data from pesticide application records provided by PPS.

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