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What is PPAP?

Portland Parents for Alternatives to Pesticides (PPAP) is an all-volunteer organization of parents and other interested persons concerned about pesticide use and children's exposure to pesticides in and around Portlandís public schools.  We have been working since 2000, first to secure a pesticide minimization policy for the Portland Public School district, and then to ensure strong implementation of that policy.  Two PPAP representatives participate on a district committee overseeing development of new procedures.

We maintain an e-mail list of parents, teachers, and others concerned about these issues.  We send out periodic electronic action alerts and information about pesticide use in Portland's schools, and about opportunities for public input on PPS policies and practices.  We also do public outreach to the wider community as we are able.

We also maintain this Web site as a way to communicate with other interested persons about our efforts, and to share information about pesticide hazards and alternatives.


Join our e-mail list to receive occasional action alerts about PPS pesticide issues, including notification about opportunities for public comment on PPS pesticide policies and procedures.

Send an e-mail message with your name, address, phone, and e-mail address to: info@ppaponline.org

It is also helpful if you let us know if you are a PPS parent or have another connection to the district or to a particular school.  Also, if you share our concerns about pesticides and have time or skills to contribute to our work, we would welcome your participation in our group.

PPAP Steering Committee

Karen Bishop, PPS parent (Maplewood and Jackson)
Maureen Havenner, PPS parent (West Sylvan)
Susan Laarman, future PPS parent
Jim Quinn, PPS parent (MLC)
Becky Riley, community pesticide activist
Maye Thompson, R.N., Ph.D., PPS parent (Glencoe)

Contact Us

For more information about Portland Parents for Alternatives to Pesticides, contact us at info@ppaponline.org.

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