Reducing Pesticide Use at
Portland Public Schools (PPS)

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Pesticides are intentional poisons. They are used on Portland Public School grounds and in classrooms in an effort to control weeds, insects, and other pests.  Pesticides have the potential to cause many harmful health effects, including cancer, reproductive damage, and harm to the human brain and nervous system.  Children are known to be especially vulnerable to some of these harmful impacts.  Fortunately, there are many safer pest control alternatives.

The PPS Board of Education voted on May 21, 2001 to adopt a pesticide policy for the district.  The policy calls for reduction of pesticide use, but the language allows great discretion to PPS administrators.  District procedures are being developed now that will affect how pesticides are used at PPS schools in the future.

Your help is needed today to ensure that:

Get the Facts
Pesticide Hazards | How Children are Exposed When Pesticides are Used at School | Special Risks to Children (PDF) | Pesticide Use at PPS Schools | 10 Reasons Why Pesticides Should NOT Be Used at Portland Schools |

Consider the Alternatives
Ants (PDF) | Nuisance Ants in PPS Schools (PDF) | Cockroaches I (PDF) and Cockroaches II (PDF) | Fleas (PDF) | Head Lice (PDF) | Rodents (PDF) | Yellowjackets (PDF) | Weeds in Athletic Turf | Weeds in Lawns | Weeds in Shrub Beds | Weeds at Fencelines, Etc. | Natural Landscaping for Schools (PDF) | Help with Weeding at Your School |

Take Action for a Strong District Policy
Demand a Halt to Use of High Hazard Pesticides | Insist on Your Right to Know  | Sample Letter to PPS | Join Portland Parents for Alternatives to Pesticides |

Take Action at Your School
Become a Pesticide-Free School | Insist on Your Right to Know | Write an Article for Your School Newsletter | Help with Weeding or Natural Landscaping | Educate Your School About Controlling Head Lice Without Pesticides |

What to Do if You See Pesticides Used or Misused at Your School, or if You Think You Have Been Exposed to Pesticides
Report the Incident | Contact the School District | Tell PPAP Your Story |

What to Do if Your Child (or Someone Else at Your School) is Especially Sensitive to Pesticides
Insist on Your Right to Know | Ask Your School to Become Pesticide-Free | Tell PPAP Your Story |

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